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Jan 30, 2023

We’re digging into eczema and why this matters when you are TTC.

I had eczema when I was a baby, and then it flared up in my teens. I remember having itchy eyelids, my lips were allergic to every type of lip balm (they were always cracked and dry), and the skin folds of my arms were red and raw from all my scratching.

I tried every type of cream, but nothing helped. I used hydrocortisone cream for years and saw many dermatologists, but no one could figure out why I had eczema.

As you may know, I was diagnosed with premature ovarian insufficiency at 28.

Fast forward to working on my health. My eczema disappeared when I addressed food sensitivities, gut infections, and chronic stress. No creams required.

The health of the skin is a direct reflection of the health of the gut.

If you have acne, skin rashes, dermatitis, eczema, or psoriasis and are TTC, this is a clue to dig deeper.

Rushing to IVF without addressing your health doesn’t make sense. You’ll waste time and money. However, if you work on your health, you’ll either get pregnant naturally, or if you choose IVF, you’ll increase your chances of implantation and successful pregnancy.

Today I’m welcoming Dr. Ana-Maria Temple. Dr. Temple is a pediatrician specializing in children’s wellness. Her mission is to change kids' and families' lives through clinical work and education. Check out her book: Ending the Eczema Epidemic: Surprising Solutions to Transforming Your Skin from Within.


In this episode, you'll learn:

1) Why eczema in babies can be linked to the health of the mother, and what can be done to prevent it

2) Why chronic disease begins in the womb and how to optimize preconception health before conception eczema, asthma, seasonal allergies, ear infections, ADHD and anxiety in children

3) The hidden root cause of chronic eczema (i.e. leaky skin)

4) How do food sensitivities trigger skin rashes (i.e. foods to avoid and foods to add)




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