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Feb 14, 2022

We’re digging into how to optimize male fertility.

Although we specialize in complex cases such as low AMH, high FSH, diminished ovarian reserve and premature ovarian insufficiency, more couples are coming to us with both female and male factor infertility.

The Fab Fertile Method is effective at addressing both male and female fertility conditions.

Even if the male partner tells us his semen analysis is fine – we always include a blood chemistry review and a review of his semen analysis using functional reference ranges (these are for optimal levels – so it flags it earlier before it goes to disease) to ensure no healing opportunities have been missed.

So many women are making all the diet and lifestyle changes and the male partner may be supportive and willing to change – but he may not know what can be done to optimize his fertility.

That is why we coach couples. It is not only about getting the female healthy for pregnancy – the male partner must be included to increase the chances of getting pregnant naturally.

Excited for you to learn about how the Fab Fertile Method can improve male fertility.


I'm excited to welcome Justine Altman back to the podcast.

Justine is part of my team here at Fab Fertile. She is an integral part of our Couples Coaching program - which uses functional lab testing, diet, and lifestyle changes to dramatically improve conception. If you are struggling with infertility...your body is desperately trying to tell you something...focusing on your health will either help you get pregnant naturally or if you do need to go to the fertility clinic it will improve your chances of success.


In this episode you'll learn:

1) Functional reference ranges for the semen analysis so we can identify healing opportunities to achieve optimal fertility.

2) Diet/lifestyle and the impact on male fertility

3) Themes we see with male factor fertility

4) Environmental toxins and how to reduce exposure to improve male fertility

5) Supplement recommendations to optimize male fertility (visit


Book your Supercharge Your Fertility Discovery call here with your partner (

During our call, we’ll be discussing what you have tried so far and where you’ve faced challenges. This can feel stressful but is designed to help us get to the root cause of your fertility issues and will help me to give you the best possible action plan at the end of the call. However, to reassure you – on this call we won’t be digging into the trauma associated with infertility/miscarriage/loss – rather we are focused on solutions and an ACTION PLAN as to how our Fab Fertile Method can help you get pregnant naturally.

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