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Apr 4, 2022

We’re digging into how emotional eating impacts the fertility journey.

As you may know, optimizing the diet is one of the first steps in our Fab Fertile Method.

But what if you are ready to upgrade your diet and optimize your fertility but you’re an emotional eater?

You may find yourself with a healthy eating plan but then life intervenes and you drown your feelings in a bag of chips or a pint of ice cream.

It can be a vicious cycle filled with guilt and shame that only keeps us stuck and unable to make the diet changes we need to improve preconception health.


Today I’m excited to welcome Tricia Nelson to the podcast. Tricia is an internationally acclaimed author, transformational speaker, and Emotional Eating Expert. She lost fifty pounds by identifying and healing the underlying causes of her emotional eating.


In this episode you'll learn:

1) Why 98% of diets fail and how to keep to your healthy eating plan that optimizes fertility

2) How to spot the difference between an emotional eater and a food addict

3) How to differentiate between emotional and physical hunger (ie. do you have obsessive food thoughts).

4) How to manage stress without using food as a coping mechanism



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