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May 30, 2022

We’re digging into energy and how to trust that you can get pregnant and have your baby.

The fertility journey can feel like a roller coaster filled with uncertainty, comparison, anger, jealousy and grief.

You can be swept up by overwhelming emotions that leave you feeling powerless and hopeless.

Or you can meet your miracle part way.

That is why our Fab Fertile Method includes the mind, body, and spirit approach.

Because if you don’t truly believe it is possible you’ll be easily distracted and you may fall back into old patterns that no longer serve you.

Are you seeing pregnant bellies everywhere and feeling triggered?

Are you surrounded by pregnancy announcements that leave you feeling happy for them but sad for you?

How can you begin to shift your experience?

What if these are signs showing what is possible for you.

What if you can let go of the plan of how you will have your baby, and instead shift to a deep knowing that the soul of your baby is here now?

Today I’m welcoming back Nichole Causey to the podcast. Nichole is part of the Fab Fertile team and she is a reiki master who specializes in manifestation, self-love, confidence, trusting your intuition, and fulfilling desires.


In this episode you'll learn:

1) How the energy of the world right now is impacting your fertility journey.

2) How to deepen communication with your partner so that you can lean on each other as you navigate this journey on your own terms.

3) If someone else has what we want, it is being shown to use for a reason. How to shift our mindset from comparison or jealousy to knowing it can happen for us too.

4) How to let go of the plan of how it will happen for you. Noticing if you are negatively hypnotizing yourself with thought patterns that no longer serve you.

5) How to surrender to divine timing knowing everything will be in perfect order.



Fab Fertile Method

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