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Get Pregnant Naturally

Dec 3, 2019

Welcome to Day 1 of our Functional Fertility Mini Series! We are digging into myths around fertility treatment and why a one size fits all approach may not work for you!

If you were like me when you received your infertility diagnosis you went straight to the fertility clinic. And while the fertility clinic may feel like your first logical step – (it certainly felt that way to me!) - when you learn about the power of the functional approach - I believe it is your LAST step.

Your body is desperately trying to tell you something and pumping it full of drugs (in some cases may lead to a baby) while others are left wondering why it didn’t work. That’s why I wanted to talk about some of the myths surrounding fertility treatment, why a one-sized fits all approach doesn’t work. And which tests you need to consider before you spend tens of thousands of dollars on fertility treatments.

You'll learn:

  • What to do when you’ve been told everything is normal - but it’s not working (ie. unexplained infertility). This one is so frustrating. We see it all the time. And while the first step may feel like the fertility clinic. Unexplained infertility is NOT unexplained with the functioal approach. Learn what you could be missing.
  • What to do when you’ve been told you have low AMH, high FSH, POF/POI and donor eggs are your only option. That low AMH number gets embedded in our subconscious (but AMH is only an indicator of how well you will do with IVF - or rather your egg supply not quality). We talk about steps you can take right now BEFORE you go to donor eggs (this is not to be missed!).
  • Why functional testing can help you get to the bottom of why it’s not working. When you have a targeted action plan - you can see results very quickly. Testing helps us get to the bottom of WHY it's not working in the first place.
  • What so many people get wrong with functional testing. We see this over and over again. Listening to this advice can save you thousands of dollars.
  • What to do when you get back your test results. This is where the rubber hits the road and where we see so many people make mistakes. You'll learn how to stay on track to optimize your fertility.



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