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Jan 15, 2024

We're digging into how to recognize and address top stressors impacting AMH/FSH.

We all know that life can be stressful, especially when we are TTC.

But how is the stress impacting our ability to conceive?

At Fab Fertile, our thesis is “Is it actually menopause, or is it your adrenals?”

I know the low AMH and/or high FSH diagnosis can lock into our subconscious.

It can make us feel even more stressed and unsure about a path forward.

Many of us have negatively hypnotized ourselves.

Which only leads to more worry and uncertainty about the future.

What if there were specific steps you could take right now to address overwhelm, worry, panic, plus hidden stressors that our doctor hasn’t told us about (but when addressed, can be the clue that shifts the needle toward pregnancy success)?


In this episode, you'll learn:

1) How to address mental/emotional stress (we discuss how to manage setting work boundaries, toxic workplace, long hours (anything over 50 hrs/week), toxic relationships and how to strengthen the relationship with your partner

2) How to know if we're in burnout (hint: how you begin your morning will give you a clue, plus one of our favourite tests)

3) Why your conventional doctor will miss physiological stress and how to address this once and for all (and this matters for AMH, FSH and antral follicle count)



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