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May 1, 2023

We’re digging into how the womb holds emotions.

Going through the fertility journey can bring up all kinds of emotions – sometimes all at once.

Friends and family may not understand how you’re feeling. It’s not their fault. We need to educate those around us and surround ourselves with a support team.

That’s why our Fab Fertile Method takes a mind, body and spirit approach to your fertility.

Because although balancing the thyroid, optimizing blood sugar, personalizing diet and eradicating gut infections are essential for reproductive health, it’s equally important to acknowledge the chronic stress and emotional impact this journey has on our life.

How can we start to process the grief, frustration, impatience and stuck emotions to see a positive path forward?

And what if our womb was holding these stuck emotions?

I’m excited to welcome Carolina Sotomayor. Carolina is a Fertility Reiki Womb Healer serving women trying to conceive.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

1) What makes the womb hold on to emotions, and how do we process grief?

2) How do stuck emotions impact us when we are TTC?

3) How Reiki helps to release and heal these stuck emotions



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