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Oct 14, 2019

Dr. Jennifer Shaw joins us today as we're digging into how to set boundaries and schedule our time when we are TTC.

Today I speak with Dr. Jennifer Shaw. She is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, a keynote speaker for a billion-dollar international health and wellness company and a sought after yoga instructor with expertise in anatomy, alignment, and injury prevention.

When I'm coaching couples in our Fab Fertile Couples Coaching program - setting boundaries comes up again and again. How do we say no? This can be especially hard if you really want to say yes! But as we learn the importance of self-care (boundary setting is a vital part of this). So if you're struggling with boundaries because you have FOMO (fear of missing out). Yep, that was me! Or perfectionism (oh how that one keeps us trapped) or maybe it's social conditioning? We're going to break down the first steps you need to know so you can finally say no (and mean it). Plus how to stay focused so you can make small steps every day that positively impact your preconception health.

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Book your Free Supercharge Your Fertility Discovery Call here:



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