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Aug 17, 2020

Georgie Kovacs joins us today as we’re digging into what questions to ask your doctor when you are TTC.

Our mission at Fab Fertile HQ is to educate and empower you as during your journey to conceive.

Part of that education is to know exactly what to ask your physician. They are a valuable resource in this process…however, we always like to emphasize that you know your body best – so YOU are the one in charge.

It can be overwhelming to know exactly which questions to ask when you are trying to conceive.

So we’re breaking down the tests to ask your physician to run and what specific questions you need to ask.

I’m excited to welcome Georgie Kovacs, MBA, is the founder of Fempower Health, which she founded after her first-hand experience with infertility.


In this episode you'll learn:

1) Basic tests that should be run when we have TTC for 1 year or TTC for 6 months if over 35 - plus additional testing to consider

2) Which tests should the male partner have?

3) Why it is important to make a plan and be informed when you first start TTC.

4) Why women's health issues are not taken seriously and how to ask for the emotional support we need


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