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Sep 12, 2022

We’re digging into what to do if you’ve been diagnosed with cancer while on the fertility journey and how to prevent cancer.

I have received many requests to provide information about navigating a cancer diagnosis while trying to conceive.

Many of us have been touched by cancer, perhaps through a personal diagnosis or by a family member, friend, or colleague diagnosed with the disease. A cancer diagnosis can be an overwhelming experience and challenges individuals in ways sometimes hard to imagine.

Conventional medicine tells us that chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are the only treatment options.

While those options may be right for some, there are alternatives that we can consider.

It can be incredibly confusing to know where you can start to optimize pregnancy success after or during a cancer diagnosis.

This episode of Get Pregnant Naturally is a call to action.

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer and are trying to conceive or know someone with cancer, please share this episode.

Today I’m excited to welcome Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy. Dr. Connealy is a prominent leader in the Integrative & Functional Medicine medical field. She is the medical director of two amazing clinics “The Cancer Center for Healing” & “Center for New Medicine”. Her clinics have seen over 47,000 patients and continue to grow. is the author of two books, The Cancer Revolution and Be Perfectly Healthy.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

1) Recommendations for someone who has been diagnosed with cancer or finished treatment when they are ready to TTC

2) Risks with fertility treatment (IVF) for someone with a history of breast cancer and cancer

3) Thyroid cancer and where to start in preparing for pregnancy success

4) Biomarkers for early cancer detection and prevention

5) Top suggestions for cancer prevention and the final word on thermography vs. mammography

6) How emotions/mindset impact cancer



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