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Jul 11, 2022

We’re digging into lipid panels and what you need to know when you are TTC.

So many of us are afraid of fat. The low-fat craze was a bait and switch tactic to get us addicted to sugar.

We need healthy fats when we are trying to conceive. We’re doing a deep dive into the lipid panel so that you can understand what these markers mean for your fertility.

Even if you’ve been told your cholesterol is perfect or that your triglycerides are in range, we regularly see missed healing opportunities for couples on the fertility journey.

It’s not about myopically focusing on the fertility diagnosis without looking at the body as a whole.

Katy Bradbury is part of my team at Fab Fertile. She is an integral part of our Couples Coaching program - which uses functional lab testing, diet, and lifestyle changes to dramatically improve conception. If you are struggling with infertility your body is desperately trying to tell you something. Focusing on your health will either help you get pregnant naturally or, if you do need to go to the fertility clinic, it will improve your chances of success.

Katy Bradbury is a registered nurse and nutritional therapist whose mission is to improve women’s chances of having healthy babies and raising happy children. Having experienced her own struggles with fertility, a traumatic birth, and bonding issues, Katy knows just how vital this support is.

In this episode, you'll learn:

1) Why optimal lipid markers are so important for pregnancy success

2) The conventional versus the functional approach when cholesterol/triglycerides are out of balance

3) The functional reference ranges for the lipid markers so that you can address missed healing opportunities and improve pregnancy success

4) Potential reasons for the markers being out of balance (i.e. infections, poor thyroid function, toxin exposure, blood sugar, genetic predisposition and more)

5) The markers that matter for elevated risk of heart attack and stroke

6) Diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations to support a healthy lipid panel



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