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Sep 23, 2019

Mia Mancuso joins us today as we're digging into the impact of alcohol on preconception health.

Today I speak with Mia Mancuso, Registered Nurse, Breathwork space holder, Accountability Coach for the Gray Area Drinker and a proud silver-haired (yep, it’s real) teetotaling broad.

Studies have found even drinking as few as 4 alcoholic drinks per week - decreases IVF live birth rate. Alcohol has been shown to decrease the quality, quantity, and motility of sperm.

It takes 90 days for the egg to renew and the life cycle of the sperm is 70-80 days. Stopping a minimum of 3 months prior to conception. It can also impact ovulation. Making it difficult to conceive. Plus there is no safe amount of alcohol in pregnancy.

We'll discuss how you and your partner can quit drinking to maximize your preconception health. Plus how to deal with societal pressures to drink and how to be social while sober.


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