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Dec 5, 2019

Welcome to Day 3 of our Functional Fertility Mini Series were we’re digging into self care and how to finally put yourself first.

Dealing with infertility impacts all aspects of your life - from your career, relationships, social life to joy. It can feel difficult to know where to start or how to reach out for help.

Starting with small steps everyday and showing yourself some compassion is a key first step. In this episode you'll learn

  • Why sleep matters for fertility and how to optimize your sleep with these easy steps.
  • When I ask our 1:1 couching clients how much infertility research they are doing - it's usually a lot! This makes sense - Dr Google can be our friend - but if we are spending hours researching and going down the rabbit hole of infertility - it can make us feel worse. We'll share tips to help with overwhelm.
  • This one is huge during the fertility journey. Triggers such as pregnancy announcements and baby showers can send us in a downward spiral. And while this is normal, how long do you stay down - hours, days, weeks or months? We'll give you some key takeaways that will help you cope.
  • We've heard it before - boundaries are important. But have we actually set them - or are we putting ourselves last and everyone else's agenda comes first? You'll learn how to mother yourself and prioritize self care.



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