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Jul 1, 2019

Michelle Oravitz joins us today as we're digging into how TCM works to help fertility.

Michelle Oravitz is a fertility acupuncturist who decided to change her career from architecture to natural medicine in the early 2000s. It was not until her life was transformed by acupuncture, that she thought of changing her career from architecture to natural medicine. Michelle suffered from missed periods from the time she was thirteen.

After years of being prescribed the birth control pill by Western medicine doctors and then coming off the pill to continued missed periods, she decided to go to an acupuncturist named Dr. Li who immediately regulated her cycle. Michelle also noticed that the acupuncture created a sense of wellbeing and that her energy increased.

It was this transforming event that inspired her to learn Ayurveda and later Traditional Chinese Medicine. She also realized that had it not been for Dr. Li, she would have struggled for many years to get pregnant. This realization and a natural fascination to learn about fertility drew her to specialize in fertility wellness.

She is passionate about empowering women and couples to take ownership of their health and wellness. Her method of treatment encompasses not only herbs and acupuncture, but also incorporates diet, supplements, essential oils, and most importantly the mind and how it influences conception.

Michelle is the host of ‘The Wholesome Fertility Podcast’ where she features leading professionals from the fertility world along with her own fertility wellness tips to her listeners. Website:


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