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Mar 21, 2022

We’re digging into the vaginal microbiome and why this matters when you are TTC.

For years I struggled with yeast infections, urinary tract infections, recurrent bacterial vaginosis (yep, that’s no fun!) and general dysbiosis in my vagina.

I remember one practitioner told me to put some garlic up my vagina (because of its antimicrobial properties). She said to tie a string around the garlic and up it goes. Except (as my handy husband told me later – I should have used a grommet hole in the garlic so I wouldn’t lose the string), because I placed it in my vagina and out came the string and I couldn’t reach the garlic.

I envisioned going to the emergency room having to explain my predicament. Eventually, as I relaxed the garlic came out.

Why do I tell you these stories? Because I want you to know you are not alone! Having a healthy vagina is key to optimizing your fertility.

Infections and imbalance are signals from your body that something is not right! And taking another antibiotic or anti-fungal medication cream is not the solution - it is a band-aid approach.

That’s why if you have experienced endometriosis, miscarriage, thrush, yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis and urinary tract infections and more we suggest a vaginal microbiome test.

We like Juno Bio. Use this link ( to save $20 on your test.


Today I’m excited to welcome Katy Bradbury to the podcast. Katy is a registered nurse and nutritional therapist and part of my team at Fab Fertile.


In this episode you'll learn:

1) How to know if the vaginal microbiome test is right for you

2) Why optimizing the vaginal microbiome is essential when you are TTC

3) What to do if you experience yeast, UTIs or bacterial vaginosis?

3) Impact of hormones on the vaginal microbiome

4) Passing infections back and forth to your partner and which lubricant is best for your vaginal microbiome.



Fab Fertile Method

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