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Sep 11, 2023

We’re digging into why fertility cleanses/detoxes can harm fertility and what to do instead if you have low AMH/high FSH.

Preparing your body for conception can be overwhelming and confusing.

All these generalized recommendations may leave us wondering what to do next.

We may think fertility cleanses or detoxes are a good first step.

But what if the detox or cleanse caused unwanted side effects that actually harmed our fertility?

Let’s learn how to support our detoxification pathways safely so that our body is in the best condition for our future baby.


In this episode, you'll learn:

1) Why fertility detoxes and cleanses may produce short-term effects but don’t address underlying biochemical imbalances (also, is a heavy metal detox a good idea?)

2) How to support your detox pathways (simple yet powerful steps that help prepare your body for a baby)

3) Nutrition and supplements that support detoxification (don’t waste time and money on supplements that don’t give you the results)



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