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Nov 6, 2023

In this episode, we dig into navigating the holiday season with low AMH/high FSH.

The fertility journey can be all-encompassing, and the holiday season can be challenging.

Visiting friends and family and seeing coworkers who ask that intrusive and annoying question, “Do you have kids yet?”

The pressure of the season may have you feeling overwhelmed or burnt out. So many of us have been on the TTC journey for years. The stress can start to sneak up on you, impacting your biochemistry.

As I’ve shared before, maybe the low AMH/high FSH is not a sign of menopause; it's that your adrenals are struggling.

So what can we do about it?


This episode is for you:

1) You’re constantly getting asked by family and friends - when will you have your baby

2) Not sure what to do for 2024 to optimize your fertility

3) You need an action plan so that you can tell people to mind their own business

4) You wonder if low AMH/high FSH is menopause or maybe your doctor is missing an underlying healing opportunity



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