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Nov 13, 2023

We’re digging into stool testing and what it means for fertility and low AMH/high FSH.

When you are dealing with low AMH and or high FSH, the last place your REI will look is the health of your gut.

The health of your gut is directly tied to the health of your ovaries.

And if you have an infection, no amount of clean eating will matter.

The infection needs to be addressed.

It may be tempting to use an anti-parasitic or anti-fungal to address an infection, but that will wipe out all the good and bad bacteria, making a longer road to repairing the gut.

We are not against medication (sometimes it is needed); however, a targeted supplement protocol will address the infections while maintaining the health of the gut.

So, how do we identify and address the infection to improve pregnancy success?

In this episode, you'll learn:

1) The conventional medicine approach to gut infections and what is regularly missed (plus, we discuss our favourite stool test in detail)

2) Top infections we see with low AMH and/or high FSH

3) How to know if you have a leaky gut and why this matters for fertility

4) Why DIY wastes time with addressing infections and how to fast-track pregnancy success



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