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Nov 27, 2023

We’re digging into iron panels and what you need to know when you are TTC.

What we commonly see with low AMH/high FSH is iron deficiency.

And it’s more than just taking an iron supplement.

Because many people don’t absorb iron properly or have heavy periods and gut issues that negatively impact iron levels.

Bottom line if you have amenorrhea, anovulation (the lack of ovulation), poor egg health, ovulatory disorder, and have experienced miscarriage its time to dig deeper into the full iron panel.

So how do we address iron deficiency to improve our chances of pregnancy success?

In this episode you'll learn:
- Symptoms of low iron and why this matters for fertility
- Functional reference ranges for the iron panel (hint: a conventional physician may have told you that your iron ranges are “normal” – but has a healing opportunity been missed?)
- Reasons WHY your iron markers are out of balance (i.e. gut infections, autoimmunity, low stomach acid and more)
- Medications and foods that interfere with iron absorption
- Diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations to improve iron markers



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