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Mar 23, 2020

Dr. Marisol Teijerio joins us today as we're digging into castor oil packs and how this improves your fertility.

I’ve used castor oil packs for years. I like to place the pack on my abdomen before I go to sleep (usually with a hot water bottle). I’ve been using it for my liver health for years.

Turns out castor oil is not only good for liver health but for regulating your menstrual cycle, stress, digestion, food sensitivities, gut health (optimizing your microbiome), thyroid health and more.

And it is not just for you – castor oil packs are for your partner too.

Today I am excited to welcome Dr. Marisol Teijerio back to the podcast. She has developed a revolutionary castor oil pack. No mess – no preparation. Plus you can wear it all night. I’m telling you – if you have ANY digestive issues – this castor oil pack will begin to heal the digestion system. I wear mine every night – and all night long too.

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In this podcast episode you’ll learn:

1) How castor oil packs help with our fertility. How they help with PMS, mood, bloating, digestive issues and more. This is for you if you have estrogen dominance i.e. fibroids, endometriosis, PCOS

2) How it helps cortisol (stress hormone). We discuss high daytime cortisol and what that can mean for your fertility (we see this quite frequently).

3) Why a castor oil pack can improve digestive system, digestive enzymes and leaky gut (which can be a response to a stressed out life). Plus we talk about gut health and addressing gut infections.

4) How it can optimize sleep. And why you and your partner can both wear the castor oil pack during sexual intercourse – and how this helps with the relaxation response.

5) When to use the castor oil packs, how often, when in your cycle to use them, how much castor oil to use



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