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May 26, 2020

Sarah Clark and Brandy Buskow are digging into why an elimination diet is essential when trying to conceive.

The first place we start with the couples in our Fab Fertile Couples Coaching Program is the elimination diet.

It is the gold standard to figure out if you have a food sensitivity.

We have BOTH partners do the elimination diet (it is not just about you changing your diet). It takes two to have a baby!

And while the majority of couples that I speak with tell me they are eating a “clean” diet, most have not done the elimination diet.

A food sensitivity is a stressor on the body and must be addressed (we see so many people get this wrong).

If your body is mounting an immune response to your favourite foods, this causes inflammation. When your body is under attack from seemingly healthy foods (or even not so healthy foods) it wants to survive not procreate.

Figuring out the diet that is RIGHT for you is essential when you are trying to conceive.

This episode is for you:

If you have tried making changes to your diet but didn’t notice any improvement - so you gave up.

You’re already dairy and gluten free and so is your partner - but you are still not pregnant.

You have made all the changes to your diet but your partner is still eating his regular diet.

In this episode you’ll learn:

1) Is your infertility a symptom of something else going on in your body (Hint – digestive issues, skin problems, mood problems, joint issues and autoimmunity are ALL clues).

2) What is a leaky gut and why this matters if you are TTC.

3) Which foods to avoid during the elimination. How to reintroduce the foods (this part is crucial)

4) Which foods will you eat (it is NOT about starving or drinking green juice).

5) How to commit and actually start the elimination diet. Gluten light/dairy light do NOT work.

6) Supplement recommendations and lifestyle strategies to support you during elimination diet.


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