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May 9, 2022

We’re digging into why including your partner on the fertility journey sets you up for success.

Both the male and female partner needs to focus on preconception health to improve pregnancy success.

It’s not about the woman changing everything in her life and no one has even completed a semen analysis.

What we find is that most male partners are very supportive. However, they may not know how to optimize pregnancy success.

Or we see women making all the changes and nagging their partner to take their supplements or change their diet. This leads to frustration for both parties.

How do we join together to create a solid foundation so that we can strengthen our relationship as we prepare for our baby?


This episode is for you if your partner is:

1) Ready to make the changes to improve pregnancy health but not sure about next steps

2) Supportive and says he will change his diet/lifestyle but you feel like you're nagging him

3) Dealing with male factor infertility and you have fertility issues too and you don’t know where to start


In this episode you'll learn:

1) Specific steps the male partner can take right now

2) How to get your partner on board without cajoling

3) Themes we see with both male and female factor fertility and how to fast track your chances of pregnancy success



Fab Fertile Method

Ep 193

Ep 336


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