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Apr 13, 2020

Dr. Ann Barter joins us today as we're digging into mold exposure and what this means for your fertility.

With the functional approach to fertility it is important to work on the basics such as diet, sleep, movement and stress.

The basics are crucial to optimize your preconception health.

And customizing this further with functional testing to check for food sensitivities, gut infections, mineral imbalance, thyroid dysfunction, blood sugar imbalance and more.

But what if there has been water damage in your home or workplace?

Could the root cause of your infertility be toxic mold exposure?

Dr. Ann Barter is back on the podcast again and she is an expert on mold exposure.


On this episode you’ll learn:

1) Mold exposure and the link to infertility. Plus we discuss places in the country where there is a higher risk of mold exposure.

2) Symptoms of mold exposure. The difference between mold and mildew. How to test mold. How to get remediate (ie. get rid of it) mold – it’s not as easy as you may think.

3) What is the best test to determine if we have mold exposure. How to heal and detoxify from mold. Which foods to avoid. How our genes play a role in our ability to detoxify from mold.




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