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Dec 30, 2019

Today I’m digging into the best episodes from 2019.

This episode is for you:

  • If you want the top tips to help you get pregnant naturally in 2020
  • Need a road-map to figure out what should be next for YOU!
  • You want to learn the latest from the field of functional medicine and how it can help you have your baby

My favorite episodes from the Get Pregnant Naturally podcast for 2019:

1. How and Why to do an elimination diet

Do this! Start Jan 1st with your partner. If already done this (and gluten/dairy-free 60 days and not pregnant (both partners) it’s time for testing. At a minimum start with stool/hormone testing.

2. Why Stool Testing Is Essential

We see this all the time! A gut infection is a stressor on the body. Whether it’s a parasite, bacterial infection or fungal infection - GI issues impact your hormones. Even if you don’t have digestive issues (only 1 in 8 people present with digestive issues) the others have health issues such as skin, joint, autoimmunity and mood plus way more! Have you done a stool test yet? Remember all stool tests are not created equal - conventional stool testing may miss healing opportunities. We like the GI MAP stool test.

3. Why IVF is my last step

Most women that reach out to me (yes it’s the women who come to me first) although we coach couples…have usually gone to a fertility clinic.

Typically they have had multiple failed IUI’S and IVF’s…they may even have been told that donor eggs are their only option.

They may feel like they are backed up against a wall, that time and money are running out.

I want you to know that infertility does not happen in a bubble….there are other health issues going on in your body.

Whether its:

  • long term birth control use
  • undetected autoimmune disease
  • food sensitivities
  • gut infections (parasites, bacteria, worms)
  • thyroid dysfunction
  • chronic stress
  • environmental toxin overload
  • over exercising/under-eating
  • blood sugar dysregulation
  • poor sleep
  • digestive issues – constipation/diarrhea

There is a reason.

4. How Post Birth Control Syndrome Impacts Fertility

I can’t tell you the number of women that I speak with who have been on long term hormonal birth control…and are struggling to conceive.

Women who were put on the pill in their teens due to heavy periods, painful periods, PMS, irregular periods, acne and more. This was me! In my early 20’s I started to experience acne and very irregular periods…so my doctor gave me the pill. Fast forward…at 28 years old I was diagnosed with POF.

I’ll never know for sure what triggered the POF…but I do know that the pill – negatively impacts our microbiome – predisposing us to gut infections, food sensitivities and nutrient deficiencies. When we come off the pill our symptoms may be worse or entirely different and then some of us may struggle to conceive.

Many never even connect the dots and go straight to the fertility clinic.

That’s why I am passionate to share with women….about Post Birth Control Syndrome. There is a reason that you are struggling with infertility….your body is desperately trying to tell you something.

5. What is methylation and why does it matter for your fertility

The final word! Yes you heard it here – which ingredient to look for in your prenatal. We discuss methylated folate versus folic acid. So many women get this wrong! For studies on the side effects of folic acid in pregnancy (check out Dr. Ben Lynch’s website Folic acid been around since 1980’s. Folic acid is synthetic and the body has to process it to make is useable. Many people have problems with folate genetics and even if there are no problems folic acid is still not recommended.

Avoid foods with enriched with folic acid such as grains/breads/cereals/drinks/energy bars/supplements (prenatal). Always choose methylated folate such as Seeking Health/Thorne prenatal. Plus we discuss infertility being passed on to the next generation (epigenetics) - if we don’t correct the issues beforehand.

6. What to do if you IBD and infertility

I love when a medical study proves that simple diet and lifestyle changes are more effective than pharmaceuticals. For people with Irritable Bowel Disease who consumed an autoimmune protocol diet (AIP Diet), by week 6 – 11/15 (73%) of study participants, and all 11 maintained clinical remission during the maintenance phase of the study. Plus we talk about a success story using the AIP Diet for POF/POI. This is one of the strategies we suggest to our clients too!

7. AIP Diet for Hashimoto’s and Why This Matters if You Are TTC

The majority of women we work with have an issue with their thyroid. From hypothyroidism to a Hashimotos diagnosis – optimizing the thyroid is essential for fertility. A medical study has been published about the efficacy of AIP diet – that has resulted in reduced medication and quality of life for those with Hashimoto’s…plus one of the 17 participants in the study…got pregnant naturally!

8. The connection between mental health and infertility

For years I thought I was an irritable person! Not the case…as I improved my gut health my mood improved too! Although when I’ve done too much – irritability is a sign that I’m out of alignment. We’ve seen this over and over again with our clients. If you think your only option is a lifetime of prescription medication that numbs out your feelings…the functional approach provides another path forward.

Similar to our infertility diagnosis, we get hyper focused on our mental health diagnosis and don’t consider the root cause. The moral of the story – always dig for the root cause – and mood issues coupled with infertility is a huge red flag and a healing opportunity.

9. The connection between skin rashes and fertility

If you are struggling with skin issues such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, rashes or hives…it’s time to stop treating the symptoms and get to the root cause.

You may be wondering what does my skin condition have to do with my preconception health and infertility? Remember infertility does not happen in a bubble. The functional approach seeks to understand WHY and get to the root cause. Similar to a mental health diagnosis – skin issues are an indicator that there are healing opportunities that can help us get to the bottom of why you are struggling to conceive and carry a baby to term.

10. How to get pregnant naturally with low AMH, POF/POI

This episode I get real and break down my journey with POF. The episode is for you if you have struggled with low AMH, high FSH, POF or POI. With the functional approach - we helped women with amh so low that donor eggs were there only option - and they’ve gotten pregnant naturally.



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