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Get Pregnant Naturally

Jul 6, 2020

Dr. Tom O'Bryan joins us today as we’re digging into gluten sensitivity and the impact it has on fertility.

I have talked about the importance of going gluten free for years.

As you may know I have non-celiac gluten sensitivity….plus premature ovarian failure.

I found out the connection too late…as I was fully...

Jun 29, 2020

Arthur Menard de Calenge joins us today as we're digging intoelectromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation and how it can impact male fertility.

Do you or your partner keep your cell phone in your pocket?

Studies have proven that electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation harms both male and female fertility.

With simple...

Jun 22, 2020

Dr. Marc Sklar joins us today as we're digging into how to choose the right IVF clinic and optimize your success

As you know we take a functional approach to fertility so you can either “get" pregnant naturally or if you do need to go to the clinic you can increase your chances of success.

However, you have may...

Jun 15, 2020

Today we’re digging into 3 reasons why your IVF might have failed.

I have experienced a failed IVF. After I had my daughter, we waited one year and then did a frozen embryo transfer. I was determined to have my kids close together. Like really determined! Unfortunately it did not work. We had to go on a list for a...

Jun 8, 2020

Wendy Myers joins us today as we’re digging into heavy metals and how they can impact your fertility.

We are exposed to over 85,000 chemicals in our environment. These chemicals negatively impact hormones and ultimately fertility.

Specifically, exposure can negatively impact sex hormone production in men and women,...