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Oct 8, 2018

Diana Rickmann joins us today as we are digging into Emotional Freedom Technique and how with the pain of miscarriage and traumatic births.

Diana Rickman is a coach and Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner specialising in helping women and their partners who have experienced an early miscarriage or difficult birth to change how they feel about their painful memories and the way that their story affects them now so they can think about what happened calmly, grieve fully and feel ready to move on and create a new story. 

Diana is in a unique position to help because she experienced both the loss of her first baby at 25 weeks and her second pregnancy ended in the difficult, emergency delivery of her son.

Her experiences left her shocked and unable to express how she felt. She carried feelings of guilt, anger and sadness for a long time and they influenced her thinking and the way she felt about herself.

Thankfully she found a technique she could rely on to support her and a coach who gently and expertly helped her to understand and release her feelings safely and without overwhelm.

Now she shares that technique so her clients can experience the same sense of relief and freedom from loss and hurt. Her website:

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