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Sep 5, 2022

We’re digging into how childhood trauma can impact the fertility journey.

Our Fab Fertile Method takes a mind, body, and spirit approach to improve pregnancy success.

A theme we see with low AMH, high FSH, premature ovarian insufficiency and diminished ovarian reserve is childhood trauma.

Whether it's experiencing flashbacks, anxiety, depression, anger or issues with trust, childhood trauma can have a lasting impact on our health.

We may consciously or unconsciously use alcohol, overeating/undereating, shopping or zoning out in front of the television and more as coping mechanisms.

That’s why identifying and working through these hard emotions can help to reclaim control and acknowledge and recognize trauma.

Today I’m excited to welcome back Brandy Buskow to the podcast. Brandy is a Board Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Master EFT practitioner, Rapid Transformation Therapy Practitioner, and Certified Hypnotherapist.


In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

1) What constitutes childhood trauma

2) Signs of childhood trauma

3) How childhood trauma affects people later in life

4) Seven (7) top tips for beginning to heal from childhood trauma



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