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Dec 5, 2022

We’re digging into why eating liver can help when you are TTC.

I remember my mom frying up liver on the stove when I was a kid (she would now cringe at this because she’s been a vegan for 35 years!). The smell made me gag, and I would run and hide in the other room so I didn’t have to eat it.

I recently tried it again, sautéed with onions and spices. I ate the liver by itself – nope still hate it! But then we made liver pate. Definitely tasted better, but still an acquired taste.

Organ meats and liver in particular, are making a comeback. Liver is among the most nourishing foods on the planet, especially if it’s sourced from a grass-fed, well-treated animal.

How do we know if consuming liver is right for us as we prepare for pregnancy? And what can we do if we hate the taste?

Today I’m excited to welcome Nora DeBora to the podcast. Nora is a Preconception Health Coach, Holistic Nutritionist and Fertility Awareness Practitioner.


In this episode, you'll learn:

1) What we need to know about liver when we are TTC

2) But isn’t the liver toxic? That’s where all the toxins go. How do we know if organ meat is right for us?

3) What type of liver to consume

4) If you hate the taste of liver, check out our go-to supplement here



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